Living Where They Grew Up

17 December 1911 Advertisement in The Oregonian

Because we are such a mobile population, it seems unusual when people stay rooted for a lifetime in their communities, and particulary so when they live as adults in the homes where they grew up.

I’m doing a series of stories profiling Alamedans who live in the houses where they grew up. Do you know of someone I should talk with? Please let me know.

Here are two people who have spent most of their lives under one roof.

Steve Goodman | Knowing all the nooks and crannies (click to read)

Maryon Lewis Kinsey | More than 80 years in one place

4 responses

  1. How about the imaginary people from Alameda? (Ramona and her house on Klickitat, with statue now in Grant Park?)

    Chat with Jim Brown about that wonderful old place of his across from the school on 27th.

  2. Fun to find this site. My parents grew up in the Alameda and I grew up there as well and then returned to raise a family on the Alameda before leaving. I find my way back there from time to time to visit old haunts and remember those days in the 50’s and 60’s when living on the Alameda was so much fun for a young boy.
    I remember the older boys use to grease the street car tracks on Regents drive on Halloween and then hit the car with eggs when it would loose traction. By the time I was old enough to do such mischievous things Rose City transit was running buses on the line which were lost faster than the old street cars. But we managed to hit them with a few snow balls.

    My first shoes were bought from Mr. Rumpackus and later in life John and I had many good conversations.

    Great site hope you will keep it up. There is a rich history in the neighborhood.

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