Welcome to Old House History

Thanks for visiting this site, which is a place to share knowledge, tools and observations on appreciating the life of old houses. Specific pages dwell on particular topics relating to the history of the Alameda neighborhood in Northeast Portland. Other pages provide information on researching the history of your home. The idea is to create a conversation about how old houses (and their neighborhoods) have been shaped by the families who have lived in and loved them for generations, and how our houses in turn have shaped our lives.

Alameda Stories introduces you to particular aspects of life in the early neighborhood.

Research Services describes how an experienced researcher and writer can help unlock your home’s stories.

Alameda Street Names describes the origin of street names we know today.

Resources will help you learn more about how to search out the history of your home by yourself.

The Map provides a look at the neighborhood as it was originally platted. Can you find your lot?

2 responses

  1. Doug, This looks like a great beginning. At this point I’m embarrassed to say I have two websites but neither is active because I keep getting side tracked on things like trying to the the ALAMEDA airborne. Your new website will be a great resource for Alameda history buffs–and I’ve met several.


  2. Hi, Doug! It is great seeing all your work on Alameda Old House History. I enjoyed the separate parts, stories, research, resources, maps. I got really intrigued by the Sanborn Maps. What a resource! I will use them to find out more about my southeast Portland neighborhood. Warm wishes for a very successful writing career on the blog!


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