Fallen Maple on Regents Hill

photo 1

Have you noticed that one of the large and beautiful maples near the top of Regents Hill succumbed to old age this week?

You had to be up and out early Monday morning to see the big branches down on the street, and the significant amount of decay in the trunk and branches of the tree that led to its downfall. You can definitely see how a family of raccoons could live inside that cavernous trunk. And upon close examination, it’s amazing the tree held up through last winter’s storms. Fortunately, there were no cars or people underneath it when it let go this week.

photo 2

By the time we returned to the neighborhood in the evening, it had all been cleaned up.

Our best guess–knowing a little bit about construction of Regents Drive and the surrounding homes–is that it was one of the original trees planted during the earliest days of Alameda Park. That tree witnessed a lot of Alameda life, from streetcars to sledding.¬†Thanks for four generations of shade!

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