Ewald Theodore Pape 1894-1976

Architect Ewald Theodore “E.T.” Pape was born December 10, 1894 in Dusseldorf, Germany. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1913, living in Wilmette, Illinois just north of Chicago before arriving in the Portland area in 1923. Although not a registered architect, Pape was recognized as a talented designer, providing a full suite of architectural services for many Portland builders.

Ewald Theodore Pape about 1927

Working as an “independent draftsman,” Pape designed a half-dozen mid-size apartment buildings, three of which are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Burrell Heights Apartments at 1598 SE 29th; San Farlando Apartments, 2907 SE Hawthorne; and Thompson Court Apartments, 2304 NE 11th.

Architects of Oregon, a biographical record that lists the state’s most distinguished architects, provides this reflection: “Pape’s apartment work was innovative, with major emphasis on livability and eliminating the stigma of apartment living by providing individuality and separate entrances for each unit.”

Advertisement from The Oregonian, March 14, 1926

Pape designed homes throughout the Portland area, concentrating his work on eastside neighborhoods including Eastermoreland, Laurelhurst, Dolph Park and Alameda. A partial list of homes and apartments he designed includes: 2871 NE Alameda; 4510 NE Alameda; 2866 NW Ariel Terrace; 2880 NW Aerial Terrace; 3615 E. Burnside; 3517 NE Burnside; 2209 SE Bybee; 3261 SE Bybee; 1510 SE Clay (apartments); 4353 NE Halsey (apartments); 2805 SE Knapp; 2732 NW Monte Vista Terrace; 257 SW Marconi; 2027 N. Skidmore Court; 2703 NW Raleigh (apartments); 3602 SE Stark; 3214 NE U.S. Grant Place; 3257 NE U.S Grant Place; 2904 SE Washington (apartments); 920 Westpoint, Lake Oswego; 1409 SE 25th (apartments); 701 NE 28th; and 6025 SE 34th.

Pape and his family left Portland for Los Angeles in 1955 where he became a designer for a pool company. He retired in 1968 and died in Los Angeles in 1976 at age 81.