Willis Chandler 1881-1962

Willis Monroe Chandler and wife Malissa arrived in Portland in 1915 from Texas; he was born in 1881 in Leesville, Louisiana. During his first years in Portland, Chandler managed a local building supply business called Pacific Fireproof Paint and Waterproofing Co. In July 1921, he incorporated with partners J.A. Hiller and John Olsen as the Chandler Construction Company to take advantage of the improving housing market, specifically focusing on Beaumont and Laurelhurst.

In a period of just a few years, Chandler proceeded to build, own and sell dozens of homes in Northeast Portland. In the mid- and late-1920s, he built a cluster of a dozen homes in Beaumont near NE Alameda and 40th, many have a strong family resemblance.

Advertisements for three of the homes he built along the Alameda Ridge appeared in the August 29, 1926 edition of The Oregonian. Note that addresses for these three homes are in the pre-1930 address change format: 1130 The Alameda (3800 NE Alameda); 1134 Alameda (3818 NE Alameda); and 1138 Alameda (3828 NE Alameda)

Here’s a partial list of homes built by Chandler during the busy years of the late 1920s.

3800 NE AlamedaMarch 1924Chandler reported that this new but vacant house was robbed of all window shades, electrical fixtures and 40 light bulbs in February 1927
3810 NE AlamedaOctober 1928 
3818 NE AlamedaJanuary 1926Cost $18,000
3828 NE AlamedaFebruary 1926 
3838 NE AlamedaSeptember 1926Cost $19,000, for F.H. Lyons
3844 NE AlamedaSeptember 1928 
3860 NE AlamedaJuly 1930Chandler family home Cost $22,000 Design by Carl L. Linde
4111 NE AlamedaDecember 1927 
4121 NE AlamedaFebruary 1928 
4131 NE AlamedaSeptember 1926Cost $16,000, for N. Norton
4140 NE AlamedaSeptember 1926Cost $12,000, for Fred Marx
4431 NE AlamedaMarch 1926Cost $18,500, for Ben Rybke
2804 NE 38thMarch 1924Design by Hubert Williams
2824 NE Cesar ChavezAugust 1923Design by Universal Plans Service

In their later years, the Chandlers moved to the home at the southwest corner of 24th and Hancock, where Malissa died in 1958. Willis moved to Astoria in 1960, where he died on December 11, 1962.