Thanks AHC

Our presentation this weekend at the Architectural Heritage Center turned up some helpful leads into Alameda stories.  We were there to offer a presentation about the development and early life of the neighborhood and were pleased to see some familiar faces, including Maryon Kinsey, who is featured here on the blog. Afterwards, several neighbors approached us to share suggestions and ideas for further research. Thanks!

Our sister Bonnie Hull, the talented Salem artist and art blogger (be sure to visit her blog, which often features detailed profiles of local artists, a feature she calls “Living the Creative Life“) was in attendance and provides a very nice glimpse into our AHC program. Check out her reporting here. Thanks Bon.

We’ll likely be offering the program again at AHC—perhaps in the summer or fall—and  who knows maybe other places too…open to suggestions or invites.

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  1. Hello Doug,
    I like the web site. I was looking for some info on the house my wife and I recently purchased. It is @ 2933 NE 37TH Ave. Any information would be great.


    Chris Taylor

  2. Hi Doug – We were signed up for your Saturday AHC talk but something came up and we missed it. We are so impressed with all that you are doing. You may recall that some time ago we discussed setting up a tour of our home on Stuart Drive (Dead Man’s Hill) Either day this weekend Jan 30-31 in the early afternoon would probably work. Please e.mail me on what works. Thanks, Jerry LaBarre

  3. You are nice, smart and nuanced, and a good (!) speaker. (Also adorable…) Alameda is lucky to have you helping an interesting neighborhood get to know itself.

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