Another tear down: 3416 NE Alameda

We’ve received word this week of another pending tear-down in the neighborhood: the 1928 Tudor located on multiple lots at 3416 NE Alameda, just east of 33rd.

FullSizeRender (3)

3416 NE Alameda, slated for demolition this summer.

We’ve walked past this home and noted the exceptional landscaping the high peaked-ceilings and the new roof. We’ve also noted that it contains several lots, which increasingly means it’s a sitting duck target for developers seeking tear-downs and rebuilds of multiple homes. Last week, we received a letter from the Bureau of Development Services letting us know of the impending tear-down, and that under Portland’s new demolition delay period, an appeal by a qualified organization (like a neighborhood association) is possible until July 6th.

The home has a for sale sign up at the moment, with a sticker that says pending, but the correspondence we received from the city indicates it has been purchased by Everett Custom Homes.

If you’d like to appreciate this fine example of Tudor revival, you’d better look fast.

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  1. Disgusting! And the city is at fault for letting this happen. Our high taxes should give us at least SOME people with some common sense. Very very sad what’s happening to our beautiful neighborhood.

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  2. So sad this beautiful 1928 house will be demolished. The Developer will be building two new homes on the lot.

  3. What can we do to stop this? This is a beautiful house that should not be demolished. My son just bought a home on 22nd between Alameda and Mason. It was neglected for 30 years and needs major improvements. It could have easily been a tear down, but instead he is restoring it. The neighbors, who are wonderful people, are so relieved that he is doing this. Since it is a very small home, he has decided to build a small, 84 sq ft dormer off the back. He will be using the finished attic space as his bedroom and the dormer will be a bathroom. However, the city is making him jump through hoops like you can’t believe. I don’t get it. It could take another 5-6 weeks to get a permit, but when it comes to demolition, no problem. The city seems to encourage the demolition of these wonderful older homes just to get every inch of land paying more taxes. Do the neighbors know this is going to happen? This is crazy. I am willing to picket or do anything to save this house. What can we do?

  4. If you like the color beige and if you enjoy homes that are completely devoid of any character – Everett Custom Homes is for you!

  5. So sad! Time to rethink the UGB! If we could grow out just a little, we wouldn’t have to cram so many houses into our old neighborhoods! We don’t need to sprawl like Houston, but we could compromise a little to save a little of our city’s heritage.

  6. A friend of mine found this site a couple of months ago and I am just getting around to visiting.

    My family purchased this home in 1969 and lived in it until 1981/82 when my parents moved out. We moved in when I was starting in the 7th grade at Beaumont. I remember us rushing to get a TV set up so we could watch Niel Armstrong take the first steps on the moon.

    The big ponderosa pine tree by the driveway (not seen in this picture) was our Christmas tree that year.

    I remember countless meals and gatherings with neighbors, friends and family, our remodeling of the kitchen, building the new garage, breaking up the concrete in the old driveway so a new one could be poured. My back hurts just thinking about that now!. It is indeed a classy old house, albeit, at the time at least, with only 1 & 1/2 bathrooms!

    The Alameda/Beaumont neighborhood is a very classy part of old Portland. It will be sad to see this one come down.

    • Hi Gary, your family must have bought it from my best friends family . I remember such great times in this house . One year for my friends birthday, we played drop the pins in the jar except we stood on the balcony overlooking the living room and dropped clothes pins in a big bucket . I loved that house!

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