Always on the trail of history…

It’s been a quiet summer of 2017 here at

The history of Fernhill Park and the Tourist Cabins have remained above the fold for five months now as a busy and enjoyable summer has played out in real time away from cyberspace. But even while in a kayak or on a bicycle (as above at the Mosby Creek covered bridge, east of Cottage Grove on the Row River Trail), I’m always a student of the connection between then and now, past and present.

Remember what William Faulkner told us: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

So as the rain and cold bring us back inside for a while, it’s time to contemplate the echoes and insights we’ll search for here in the months ahead:

Windows, old and new. The eyes and defining character of our old homes and buildings.

Tear downs and new construction. This is a big one, reshaping our neighborhood landscape in so many ways. We need to stand back and look at the big picture of change even as we examine the loss of specific homes and family memories.

Alleys and street layout. Why do some neighborhoods have alleys and some don’t?

The rest of the story on things I’ve already written about. There’s a lot here on the blog: 160 posts over the last 10 years covering a wide range of topics. Use the search bar above on the left or the category listing on the right to explore what’s here.

Have an idea or a topic~place you’d like to learn more about? Drop me a line.

Thanks to AH readers who’ve reached out this fall to make sure the lights are still on here in this old house. Sure enough.

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