Alameda Home Listed on National Register

Word has arrived from Oregon’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) that a prominent home in Alameda has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places: the Edward and Bertha Keller House, located at 3028 NE Alameda Street.

The Edward and Bertha Keller House, 3028 NE Alameda. Photo courtesy of Oregon SHPO.

Here’s the official word from SHPO, which was shared via the Oregon Preservation e-mail list:

Constructed in 1924, the Keller House is important as an example of the early works of master designer Elmer E. Feig and the English Cottage Revival style. Feig began his career in 1921 when he obtained a building contractor license while employed by the City of Portland Buildings Bureau as a plans examiner. Feig’s early work included a handful of homes, but he quickly transitioned to apartment buildings where he creatively merged a variety of European-revival styles such as Tudor, Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, and California Mission. Among his commissions are 24 properties noted in the Portland Historic Resource Inventory as “having architectural merit” and the National Register-listed Spanish Colonial Revival-style Santa Barbara Apartments built in 1928.

SHPO has placed a copy of the nomination form on its website. Do take a look, (click here for a PDF of the application) which will give you appreciation both for the home, and the thoroughness of the application and review process.

This brings to five the total number of homes in the original Olmsted Park or Alameda Park plats that have made it onto the list. The other four are the Thomas J. Autzen house, located at 2425 NE Alameda; the Thomas Prince House, located at 2903 NE Alameda; the Louis and Elizabeth Woerner House, located at 2815 NE Alameda; and the Oliver K. and Margaret Jeffrey House 3033 NE Bryce.

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