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Here’s the home of Portland architect George Asa Eastman, photographed 100 years ago to illustrate a story in the May 5, 1914 edition of The Oregonian about how the Alameda Park neighborhood was “forging ahead.” The subtitle to the headline was “Few districts enjoy more substantial growth than suburban park. New homes are sprinkled over many handsome streets.” Eastman designed this home and supervised its construction in 1912.

While the story didn’t recognize Eastman’s contribution to local construction trends, he was a principal architect for the Oregon Home Builders, which built more homes in Alameda Park and Olmsted Park than any other builder.

You’ll recognize this house today at 2628 NE Stuart Drive, where some recent major changes in landscaping have enabled a full appreciation of the Craftsman style home and the unique site on the sidehill of Alameda Ridge. For a short time after construction, NE Stuart Drive was known as Rugby Drive, a name that is still visible if you know where to look. An accident on the property in 1917 gave rise to the name–still in local usage–of Deadman’s Hill.

A careful look at then-and-now will reveal that the top floor open porch of the house has been enclosed; many windows have been replaced and a couple have been added; a new deck and walkway have been added along the lower level; trees have come and gone (but appear in similar locations); a power pole has been added in the foreground.

Eastman was active in Portland from about 1909 until he moved to Detroit in 1916. He died in 1920. Stay tuned for more on Eastman and the Oregon Home Builders: both are the subject of current inquiry and research.

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  1. Thank-you for all the info on Alameda homes… I am currently training to be an Urban Tour Guide, doing walking tours for school children in downtown, so have been keenly interested in architecture of late. Love your emails! Linda Hayden

    Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 04:38:10 +0000 To:

    • Hi Linda. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I do history walks in Alameda when the weather is nice and will be planning a couple this spring and summer. Keep an eye on the blog for dates as the weather improves. Good luck with the urban tours: sounds like fun.

  2. I lived in a home on the corner of NE 41st and Tillamook until it was torn down for the new Hollywood Library. Wondering if anyone has pictures of that street. The house was built in 1902 and was lovely inside. I owned it and lived there from 1977 to 1998 when I had to let Multnomah County have it. No choice. Would love to see pictures of that corner from the early days when it was still a young neighborhood. Thanks,
    Roberta Herget

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