When Research Pays Off

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The images here on the blog resulted from research I’ve done on my own house and stemmed from a front porch remodeling project we had in mind. In the 1940s, After 30 years of exposure and wear-and-tear, the family living here decided to remodel their deteriorating front porch. They removed the columns and poured a concrete deck. Then they enclosed it with casement windows and turned it into a sun porch. When we moved in in the late 1980s, it was pretty much charm free. Our detective work on the reconstruction showed the ghosts of some early columns and other features, but we had to use our imaginations to guess at what it looked like originally. That is, until old house research really paid off.



I had been looking for members of the family who lived in our house (one single family was here from 1912 until 1959, which is a good long time for one family to be in the house…we were lucky in that). I was also fortunate to find the little boy who grew up here…he was in his 90s when I found him. In addition to sharing all kinds of stories about the house and the neighborhood, he put me on to a bunch of photographs of the house from the teens and early 1920s. Jackpot! We couldn’t believe our eyes. We were generally right about the columns, but the idea of the extended porch, with its false pedastal corners, was well beyond our imaginations.



So, we sat down at the drawing board, old photos in hand, and did some scaling of the ghost porch using measurements of house parts visible then and still here today. And then we found a very talented and patient carpenter to put it all back together.

After a little landscaping and reconstruction of some long-gone sidewalks, I’m confident that the family who moved in those long years ago would clearly recognize the place today.



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