Vintage Portland Photographs

We’d like to recommend a great local website that will feed your curiosity about Portland history:

This excellent site, which launched last November, features a steady parade of high resolution photos that you’ll want to look at close-up for clues to the past and the present. We like to download the photos and then explore them in detail. Look closely and you might see the person in the upstairs window. Or the guy in the distance staring at the photographer from under his fedora. Or the amazing wolf’s head frieze on the cornice of the downtown building.

Taken together they offer a sense of just how much we’ve inherited from the past, how much has been lost, and the importance of recognizing the stewardship role we have at this moment in time to be a bridge between past, present and future.

Keep an eye out there and you might even see a shot or two from the Alameda Park neighborhood! For future reference, we’ve added a link to Vintage Portland on the links sidebar in the lower right side of this page.

One response

  1. I’m looking for early photos of sullivan’s gulch, and houses around Holladay Park Plaza, especially homes torn down to build the Plaza, and why certain trees {london plane tree and near multnomah and 17th were left standing}.
    betsy c.

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