Wilshire Market Update


We dropped in on Jeff Smalley at Fire and Stone on Fremont this afternoon to see how his remodel was doing. If you’ve been watching, you can see for yourself that the colors are emerging and things are happening behind the paper on those windows.

Jeff says lots of people are asking about timing: looks like opening in early December. Plumbing and electrical work should be done by Thanksgiving, and then there is time to train staff and get things fully operational.

He’s been pleased to see writers on the internet anticipating the restaurant, including Portland EaterPortland Monthly, and of course our earlier post about the building and the business.

Here are some pictures of the interior from earlier today:


Looking toward the main entry from the bar area.



Looking toward the main dining area. The bakery and “take out” area is in the background–accessed by its own door on the east end of the building–where the wood-fired oven will reside. The windows are a dominant feature both inside and outside, illuminating on a sunny, cold fall afternoon.



The trim pieces (called dentals) along the cornice at the top of the wall were milled from several of the original wood beams removed from inside the building. The windows will receive an awning and during the summer, there will be tables outside.

Speaking of windows, stay tuned for news here in the next day or so about the historic Padrow’s Pharmacy window. Interesting plans are underway.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for the posts. I enjoy receiving the newsletter. HAS the new owner addressed with the community, the possible impact of the HUGE parking issues involved in this project. I live near and believe that my peace and tranquility will be impacted by the presence of this project. Thank you Debra Mazzoleni

    • Hi Debra. I asked business owner Jeff Smalley your question and he replied that there are 16 off-street parking spaces in the lot behind the building and several on the street by the bioswale and directly in front of the business. He recognizes there will be more cars once the business opens then there are now, which he’s hoping will be the sign of a successful and attractive business on a piece of property zoned and intended for commercial use. He writes that he is committed to being a good neighbor and to following all city zoning and noise ordinances.

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