Padrow Window Design

Sign designer Brad Ellsworth has been busy. Replica design above, existing window below. Take a look:

Padrow Windows

AH readers have pledged $350 so far and we need about $1,500 in pledges before we can give Brad the green light to actually get the work underway. Additional pledges or suggestions?


5 responses

  1. This is so great! We pledge $100. We noticed that “Drink” is above Coca Cola in the original. Did you intentionally leave it out? I didn’t think of a Kickstarter, but I do know people who have done that and it does bring in money. Great idea. Chuck and Terry Hall

  2. Suggestions:

    1) Facebook 2) Have Fire and Stone put out a “save the window” donations box once they open.

    I’ll put in $20-30. Where do I drop the check?

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